Painting with light

My awesome dad told me about this paint with light technique. I had tried it before when I was in Japan but never got a chance to really try it out. I had fun taking these pictures. I had my 2 coats on, gloves, hat, and I was running around with my home made light saber. I am sure I would have looked very funny to any passerby that happened to catch a glimpse of what I was doing.

Anyway, It was a lot of fun and I am excited to try out a few different ideas next time I use this technique. It is hard to do this using a digital camera though because the battery dies soo quickly. The light sensor sucks up electricity the entire time that the shutter is open so, when the shutter is open for 30 seconds at a time it really wears on the battery.

I took about 30 different pictures at 30 seconds each and it took my D200 battery from full to less than half and I usually go through a batter every few weeks depending on how much I use the camera. This is really fun technique to try and if you do I would love to see what you did. I am always looking for more ideas.

When I first started my flash light was to wide so I created a home made light saber by wraping newspaper around the end of the flash light and then rubber banding it tight. I then cut out a spot for the switch so I could turn it off. It really helped focus the light more.


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Marie, Jesse, Rosalee said...

I kept looking at these pictures and asking myself, "how does he do it!?" Then I played with my camera and maybe kind of figured it out. I'm going to attempt to take some pictures like this and I'll let you know if they come out at all.