Funniest video on youtube!

I saw some funny grammar today while I was surfin the web. See if you can make sense of it. I double dog dare ya!

Junk Mail!!

I have let my junkmail or spam folder accumulate some trash over the past few weeks and it is holding out at about 1,000. Granted the folder automatically erases anything older than 1 month old, that is still a lot of spam! To bad I can't eat it. :-) My shopping bills might go down if I could. :-)

Adobe Flex 3 exporting for backup and web publishing

exporting your adobe flex 3 applications for backup and web publishing!

byui flex class simple calculator

byui flex class on 02/26/08 completed creating a simple calculator using flex

What you ought to know

What you ought to know is awesome! I would explain more but I honestly don't know what words to use. Challenge what you think you know and laugh while enjoying the good clean humor. Check out todays video which is about cell phones. (Click the picture below)