Get your work done!

Zoho has a whole gamut of online applications to help you get things done. I personally haven't tried it yet but it looks very promising. Check it out for yourself at

Firefox 3 release canidate!

Mac Junkie? Oh Yah!!!!

Not only do I really like technology, I like technology that works well and looks good! I get some of my mac junkie cravings filled at Mac Rumors. I check the site so much that I have set Mac Rumors as my home page in firefox.

Find me on Mac Rumors

Tech Junkie?

I am a tech junkie! I love reading about the latest rumors and advances in technology. If you are the same or just want to learn about some really cool stuff then check out All Things Digital at

Genome project brought home

A very interesting application for all of the information scientists are learning from mapping the human genes. Just send in your spit and $999 and a whole world of information will be opened to you and your loved ones. The video is worth watching. Check out the service at

Crazy photographer

Check out this crazy photographer!


Only 13 more days until the new iPhone is going to be announced and 46 days until the STP! Can't wait!

A Wonderfull Memorial Day

Cas and I had a great time this memorial day. I started the day of with a 40 mile bike ride with the family which puts me at 350 miles of training this summer season. We then decided to go see Iron Man in the theaters and we enjoyed the movie. We also got to watch the first half of the new Andromeda Strain that the A&E channel has put on. Cassie has really been doing some cool sketches and I am going to start scanning them for archive and share some of them online.

Memorial Day Weekend

Cas and I had a great weekend being able to see Cassie's sister before she left for her internship. The drive down to portland was interesting starting with cassie watching the infamous Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie. Towards the end of our drive, as we were still stuck in traffic, a large white vehicle tried to change lanes into our lane. With out thinking, I swerved out of the way onto the shoulder avoiding a collision. Thankfully, traffic was only going about 20 m/h. We had a good time eating dinner at Red Robbin. After a "restful" night, Sammy was dropped off and we were off to be back for a 9am window washing appointment. We made it back on time and had a great time washing windows. After finishing our washing we went home and I was able to go on a bike ride with my dad and my brother. I was able to ride my bike about 74 miles and I am still recovering from the ride. Well, I am recovering from the ride and my crash. While we were riding on the orting trail, I went to pass a young man on a bmx bike and as I was about to pass him he swerved in front of me and I crashed, landing on my hands and then my shoulder. While I was out abusing my body on the road Cassie was diligently working on her sketching skills and did some really cool sketches.

may 22, 2008

Today was an exciting day for many reasons.
  • I was able to find and get in touch with an old friend that I have been trying to find for several years
  • washed windows for a very nice family
  • finally, I think I am over the flue and about 90% recovered from it
  • getting faster at typing on my DVORAK keyboard even though I am still much faster with a QUERTY layout
  • fixed my brothers computer
  • cassie cleaned our room
  • nice cool weather
  • garage sale starts tomorrow
  • I have a mac
  • new iPhone is going to be announced in 16 days
What more can I ask for?

museum of glass

Cas and I had a great time last week visiting the museum of glass. Cassie was awesome and found out that one day a month they are open for free, so we went. one of our favorite parts was watching some glass blowers work the glass. I then had some fun making the comic strips. Check out all of our pictures at

5 weeks down, not enough to go.

After about a months worth of work, we are on track for being roughly 80% debt free by the end of summer. We are hoping that with better weather business will pick up. We are also going to start doing pressure washing of driveways.

seattle trip to pike's place market

We had a great time going to seattle and visiting pike's place market. Check out our pictures at
go to the slide show at

Memristor sure to change future

The memristor is the future of electronics!
Read all about the future of electronics and how they are going to change at or;jsessionid=NPDOXKAURYVTMQSNDLSCKHA?articleID=207403521

QWERTY? Dvorak?

I have always been frustrated with how the keyboard was organized to slow a person down. This causes the fingers to have to travel a lot more when typing so I found a new way to do the keyboard, Dvorak!! It is taking some real getting used to but I am learning the home row and it will take me a few month to get back up to the speed and ease that I am at with the QWERTY layout but I understand that the benefits are great! one article I read said that in a days worth of typing in QWERTY the fingers travel about 16 to 20 miles just punching the different keys but with the improved layout of Dvork the finger travel is reduced to only 1 mile!!! 1 mile!!! can you believe it?! Check out the web site at