Crazy Mike! :-)

I seriously have way too much fun when it starts to get late at night. :-)

Games at - Up Beat
Up Beat

Keep the rhythm and rock the party!

Play this free game now!!

Evan and I having a fun time

Evan and I enjoy spending some time on miniclips playing games and here is a clip of us laughing and having a good time. :-) ( if we sound weird it is because I sped up the video to make it go faster )

here is another video of evan and I having a fun time.

Fun time wasters

#1 freerice is number 1 because it is fun, educational, and helps those who need help.
Help end world hunger
#2 my brother an I love this trials mountain game and we laugh and laugh at how funny the bike rider looks as he jerks around and crashes in weird poses.

Games at - Trials Mountain Heights
Trials Mountain Heights

Hit the heights on your powerful bikes.

Play this free game now!!

#3 raft wars is 3 because it is fun and cute and difficult.

Games at - Raft Wars
Raft Wars

Team up with your Brother and defend your treasure!

Play this free game now!!

Wedding photos

I got all of the photos from the wedding that gugleman gave to us. See all of the pictures at
or go to a slide show of the pictures at

Rice, Rice, Rice!

Another 2,000 grains donated! :-) I wonder how much rice that even is so I am going to to an experiment to see just how much that is.

5,000 grains of rice!

I made it to 5,000i grains of rice! Glad I could help out while wasting my own time. :-)

Stephanie is lookin for a dress

Stephanie is shopping for dresses and here are a few that she has tried on.

If you love words or english

Help end world hunger is one of the coolest things I have seen the United Nations put together. You go to their website and play a word matching game and for every correct match you get the UN will donate 20 grains of rice. How does it work? Under the game there are banner ads that change every time an attempt is made to match the words. Those banner ads pay for the rice. Play, have fun, and save some lives! :-) Enjoy Gwen and Nolan. :-)
Help end world hunger

We like comics

I liked this comic from frank and ernest. Find all the comics you could dream of at
Find Frank and Ernest at

Cassie's dinner

Cassie made dinner tonight and it was really good. We had a fun time and we got some good pictures of the event. I am also sore from washing my parents windows yesterday in under 3 hours. We start washing windows for real on wednesday. Check out the pictures at flickr


We were able to have a lovely family home evening monday night and this lovely spider decided to join us. The grout between the tile is almost a quarter inch think so that means the spider is over an inch in length. It was a big one. :-) The rest of our FHE pictures are on flickr at

March Pictures

Here are some of the pictures that cas and I took during the month of March.

Sunday Dinner

Sorry it has taken so long to get these photos online for everyone.
I have scaled down the pictures to put them online so if you would like the full size pictures for printing of just to keep I can send you a disc in the mail free of charge or I can give you a hyperlink to download all of the pictures at full scale. Enjoy! :-)

Summer Fun!

Made it safely back from idaho and we are already back into making silly videos. The latest is with evan and myself singing to a song that we don't really know. Also, a big thanks to every who made this last winter a blast.

Boston Music Video

One of my Boston music videos has made it on to a song lyrics website! Check it out at
This video has now been viewed over 11,000 times! :-)