Memorial Day Weekend

Cas and I had a great weekend being able to see Cassie's sister before she left for her internship. The drive down to portland was interesting starting with cassie watching the infamous Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie. Towards the end of our drive, as we were still stuck in traffic, a large white vehicle tried to change lanes into our lane. With out thinking, I swerved out of the way onto the shoulder avoiding a collision. Thankfully, traffic was only going about 20 m/h. We had a good time eating dinner at Red Robbin. After a "restful" night, Sammy was dropped off and we were off to be back for a 9am window washing appointment. We made it back on time and had a great time washing windows. After finishing our washing we went home and I was able to go on a bike ride with my dad and my brother. I was able to ride my bike about 74 miles and I am still recovering from the ride. Well, I am recovering from the ride and my crash. While we were riding on the orting trail, I went to pass a young man on a bmx bike and as I was about to pass him he swerved in front of me and I crashed, landing on my hands and then my shoulder. While I was out abusing my body on the road Cassie was diligently working on her sketching skills and did some really cool sketches.

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