Best Bean Salad

My last post reminds me of a bean salad that I had recently. Before I tell about this salad I need to preface it with some backstory. Before I had this magnificent bean salad I had never before partaken of a bean salad nor knew that such a thing existed. Growing up my mom would help teach us that salads were fun to eat and tasty and so as a result sometimes for a late stack my mom and I would bust out the salad and the saltine crackers or chips and smash up the chips or crackers and then sprinkle on the ranch dressing.

So, I really enjoy salads and I have my mom to thank for that. I also would make what I call the "Man Salad" while I was single in college. I called it the man salad because it wasn't a pansy salad like most are but it was about 40% meat 40% salad and then 20% beans, dressing, crutons, chips, cheese, and more. I really filled a large plate and it was really a lot of fun making the salads. They tasted really good and they were easy to make. So, I guess you could say I have a soft spot for salads.

Back to the incredible bean salad. This bean salad was introduced to me by Tammy Sluder. I am still working on getting the recipie but I am sure I will get it because it is too good not to get. This bean salad has great taste and it can be really filling. According to Tammy it is really easy and quick to make. I am definately going to add it to my list of favorites alongside Gwen's moist chocolate cake.

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