Gwen and Dee worked really hard today on their canning of applesauce. I love how the entire house fills with the smell of apples and cinnamon and canning. It has been really nice for Gwen to have such a large stove top with 6 full sized gas burners. When we get all of them going the kitchen really warms up fast. Gwen also recently got the huge shiny stainless steel pot that you can see below and it has been soo much fun to use. It can hold a monster load of food and it as great!

I was privileged to be able to try some of the applesauce and it was magnificent. Hot off the stove, chunky, just the right amount of cinnamon, and cooked with love. You can't see it but in the back left corner burner behind the black and white speckled pot is an iron skillet that I cooked my banana pancakes on. Thanks to my wonderful mother I am privy to the great savory taste off banana pancakes. Gwen also relayed to me that apple pancakes are really good to so I am going to be trying those in the near future.

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