Procrastination doesn't pay

After a long hard day of building web pages for about 10 hours I am
ready to give it a break. Last year I should have learned how to make
web pages better with CSS and make them XHTML 1.0 strict, and I did,
just not well enough. I also was playing catch up with one of the
pages that should have been done already. It took a lot of time and
wasn't easy but it was a great learning experience. My knowledge of
CSS has grown, my XHTML skills are growing and my pages are looking
better than they have ever looked before. I have done reports on how
to create FAVICONS for a website, how to optimize a site for speed,
and I will be working next on how to set up alternative formating for
mobile devices and printers. I am really excited to be able to put all
of my knowledge to good use in the future. If you are interested in
taking a look at the website that I am building for my class
assignments you can check it out at
I am hoping that by the end of the semester or the year that I will
have enough knowledge to put together a nice website for Cassie so she
can show off her awsome artwork and use it to showcase her portfolio.
I really love the work that she does and I would love to share it with
the world. In the meantime she is sharing her art through

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