Hot pavement!

The other day I parked my motorcycle at school and when I came back at
the end of the day my kickstand had penitrated the blacktops surface.
As the day got warmer so did the blacktop. I am blessed that my bike
didn't fall over. It is funny that we think of cement being really
hard but black top compaired to most cement is actually really soft. I
have really really enjoyed risig my motorcycle around Rexburg. I am
also really greatful to Tammy Sluder at State Farm Insurance for
getting me great coverage on my bike at such a low cost. I pay less
than $10 a month to insure my motorcycle. I am really not looking
forward to the snow and ice that will soon disable me from being able
to ride my motorcycle.


Anonymous said...

Yeah so, walking across hot pavement in heels has the same effect. It too is a little disconcerting. ;)

Cas and Mike Family said...

Thanks for the comment Sam! I have never worn heels before but I am sure it would freak me out if my shoes started to sink into the pavement. Also, thanks for the art! Keep up the good work.