My sleeping rock star

Cassie worked really hard today and I think she is amazing for all of
the things she has done. First she made this amazing pillow that looks
like it came from a high class store. She picked up the materials to
make it this morning and it looks really good. It matches our bedding
and everything. She also worked on a couple very difficult art
projects and they are looking good so far as I can tell. She also
managed to get some laundry done also. Cassie also took me to a suit
shop here in town after she had already stopped there earlier. She had
stopped there eelier so she could find the ones that looked good and
then had them set aside so she could come get me and I could try on
the few an pick one. What a sweet heart! She also watched the general
relief society broadcast with her mom this afternoon. I am really
blessed and gratefull to have such a beautiful, hard working, and all
around amazing woman as my wife. I know Cassie will probably be not to
happy with me for sharing this picture but I think the hair flair is
really cute. It shows how hard she has worked today. I love you Cas!

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