It's Heartbreaking when a good man is killed (Paul Lusk, Sugar City Idaho)

It has been a mournful day as I have found out that a good man, that I knew personally, died yesterday on September 24, 2008. I had the opportunity of getting to know the Lusk family about 2 years ago. I made a video slide show for my cousins beauty pageant and Sister Lusk approached me about doing the same thing for a family members birthday. Paul Lusk was also my wife's boss for a short time while she worked in the BYU Idaho library. It is hard to think that just a year ago I was sitting behind Brother Lusk in a Priesthood meeting. KIDK reports that Brother Lusk and his wife were out taking a walk when an 18 year old man hit Brother Lusk, killing him. What isn't told in the article is how the young man was speeding, passing another car, and talking on his cell phone. A witness reports that the driver appeared to also be preoccupied with some other task that could not be made out by the witness. (This is the same witness that tried reviving Brother Lusk at the scene of the accident) The car accident occurred in Sugar City, Idaho where the Lusk family currently resides.

Paul Lusk was an employee at Brigham Young University - Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho.

I could very easily go on ranting like I did the other day for education but I am not going to... at least not today. I will say this though, Please don't be stupid! When you are driving, please only drive. That is the way it is supposed to be. The Germans had that figured out a long time ago when they outlawed cup holders in their cars. Here in the US, on the other hand, some people decide which car to buy based on where and how many cup holders there are in the car. If you decide to be stupid then most likely it is others who will have to bear the burden of your stupidity, like the lusk family now living without a husband and dad. Also, here is something to think about... just because it is not illegal to do something does not, I repeat does not mean that doing such an action is OK. My prayers go out to the Lusk family at this very difficult time, the young man who is dealing with the killing of a good father and a husband, and all the other people like me who are dealing with the loss of a friend and college.

9:36 Update - Local News 8 reports that the police are not releasing what type of vehicle he was hit by. Paul Lusk was hit by a pickup truck passing another vehicle while on a cell phone.

09/26/08 - No updates from the news wire just yet as to what is going on with the prosecution of the young man that hit Paul Lusk or about the funeral arrangements.

P.S. I don't think KIDK has a very good picture of Brother Lusk. He looked better than the picture shows, but maybe the picture got warped when put on the web.

Paul Lusk

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