Old Cold Blue

Only got a few more pictures today but I am getting much better at fixing the photos. I am thinking that I am going to start shooting in RAW format since I am editing all of my photos anyway. From what I understand from what I have learned, RAW has several advantages over shooting in jpg. No lost data, wider range of color capture, and much more are the advantages that I have heard of. I am excited to try it out and see how it works. But, until then, here are my pictures from today.

This is another classic "Rexburg buried in snow" picture. I love the blue color of the sign poking up out of the snow. I had on my telephoto lens so it was a bit easier to get the depth of field that I wanted. The composition also works well because the horizon line of the snow goes from left to right and naturally leads the eye to the subject, which is the sign. The background is blurred enough to keep from distracting too much but is still clear enough to give the sign context. Now, I have to confess that when I took this picture I did not think about all of those things. I was actually looking for something sticking out of the snow. I even passed the sign and stopped and went back after I passed it.

I just had to take another picture of this. This one is in a different stairwell so there is no sanitizer nailed to the wall distracting from the picture.

I wish I would have placed the subject more to the right of the frame so that he would be looking into the main portion of the picture.

I loved the blue sky's we had today! We had a fog this morning that iced everything and made the trees look absolutely beautiful. I was originally going to wait for the jet to get out of the frame but it makes the composition more powerful than the ones without it, I think.

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