Teaching the sunbeams

This week marks the second to last week that we will have the
opportunity to teach the sunbeams before we leave. We have really
enjoyed our time with the sunbeams and we have learned a lot from
them. It has been really fun and interesting to get to know all of the
children and learn about their personalities. We have had many good
laughs with the children as they have shared with us their thoughts.

Cassie has done an exceptional job teaching the young ones and has
done a good job at keeping their attention. I just love watching
Cassie teach the children. I think she is sooooooo cute. The children
have really enjoyed cassies artistic abilities. Cassie has illustrated
several stories and they consistently ask her to tell them the stories
with the pictures. It is so cute and adorable to see them listen so
atentively as Cas tells the stories. We have loved serving in this
teaching calling and we are going to miss the children.

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