Conclusion of day one

It has been an eventful day today in San Francisco. Cassie and I were able to get here safely and enjoy some of the city. We had a really fun time checking out britex fabrics. We also decided we don't want to live in a big city. We saw a bad part of town, a woman bleeding out on some stairs because she had cut her wrists, super short spandex skirt that could have passed as underwear, a man holding a big sign yelling at us "No more sex", and many more interesting things. We are having a lot of fun but our eyes are being opened at the same time.

coming from the airport to the bart rail system

a fun teriyaki place we ate at down the street from our hotel

our sweet little room

the other half of our sweet room

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A Guy,A Girl, And a Max said...

Oh man! San Fran is a CRAZY place! It feels like a totally differnt world there! We did have a lot of fun though!