Middle Man

Cassie and I were watching one of our favorite shows the other night
and the begining of the show was all messed up. By the way, the shows
name is middle man. What happened was we were watching the show and
the sound was all messed up. We could hear the background noise of the
diner but there was no dialogue sound. So when someone edited the
sound and mixed it together there was no dialogue soundtrack. My guess
is that someone got in really big trouble or they lost their job.
Ouch! It was a really bad mistake. Luckily that problem was only for
about the first minute or two. If you haven't seen middle man yet and
want to see a cool funny show be sure to check it out. The picture
below is a representation of me as a middle man. Their website created
it and I tried to get it as close to me as I could but it is still a
bit off. :-)

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