Another Cold Day in Rexburg.

Well, it was another cold day here in Rexburg and I have the pictures to prove it. When I woke up this morning the temperature gauge said -20!

Now I know to some that still may not be really cold but at 52 degrees below freezing I can really start to feel it. It was soo cold for so long the metal on our door started getting frost on the inside like you see in the freezer.

And that is on the inside, where it is supposed to be warm! After fighting with the car to start, Cas and I were able to make it to school in one piece and we had a great day. After all was said and done we were able to come home and enjoy a great meal that Cassie made. Not only did it taste really good, it looked good! :-)

Way to go! And thanks for the great meal Cas!! :-)

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